Inquire. You are welcome!


Inquire. You are welcome!

New KogoPAY Mobile

App Features


KogoPAY is brimming with features designed to make your life easier. Send money to friends and family, pay bills and accept payments using QR codes. In addition, we’re working towards a ‘Pay it Forward’ system which gives users a simple tool to directly help those in need with a coffee or small gift. We’ll continue to update our website as we rapidly adapt to consumer needs and bring new services to the KogoPAY app.

Design for User

Tailor-Made Wallet


 Your KogoPAY wallet can be tailored to your needs. Hold funds in multiple currencies and quickly transfer money between them.

Worldwide Transaction

Send and Receive Money


With KogoPAY, it’s straightforward to send or receive money. The KogoPAY app keeps you up-to-date so that you know when the funds are received.

Easy as Scan & Pay

QR Code Transaction



Make payment easy by displaying KogoPAY QR codes at your fundraising event, festival or food market!