• Company

    KogoPAY is not just a mobile payment platform. Our dream is to create an ecosystem that benefits the whole of society.

    Our mission is to make it easy for people to transfer money globally. KogoPAY enables anyone to send money quickly to friends and family, make easy business transactions and helps charities receive donations with minimal costs.

    KogoPAY reduces stress by allowing instant, easy and affordable money transfers. With KogoPAY it's easy to stay on top of your finances with our AI enabled dashboards.

    We also encourage our KogoPAY family members to give back to society via our 'Pay it Forward' initiative. This enables KogoPAY customers to pay for a drink, food or other gift anywhere that they use our app.

  • Partners and Affiliates

    We are delighted to partner Thai company Superrich. The KogoPAY app can be used to withdraw cash at shopping centres and airports (including Suvarnabhumi Airport) via Superrich Thailand.