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A Fast, Secure, Affordable and Easy-to-Use Cross-Border Remittance Service


Bangkok, August 2019: 2C2P launches “easy2send” – a cross-border money transfer service in collaboration with both local and international partners. “easy2send” helps facilitate cross-border transactions from Thailand to any countries and vice versa. This service is being governed under the remittance license from the Central Bank of Thailand. Users can make remittance requests at more than 10,000 payment outlets, with fees starting from as low as 99 Baht, and intended recipients will receive their money in near real time.

Mr. Piyachart Ratanaprasartporn, Chief Executive Officer of 2C2P (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said “Thailand is home to more than 2.1 million foreign workers and over 90% of them are Myanmar, Lao and Cambodian nationals. The number of expats in Thailand has also jumped significantly from the previous year with Japanese expats constituting the biggest increase of 4% from the previous year. The number of Chinese expats ranked second while the number of British and French expats are ranked 5th and 8th, with an increase of 23% and 17% respectively.To serve these foreign workers, 2C2P has teamed up with financial and non-financial institutions in neighboring countries such as Myanmar’s CB Bank and Cambodia’s Wing Money. On top of that, 2C2P has also established partnership with UK-based KogoPay, Hong Kong and China’s LitePay and Thailand Post as well.”

“easy2send” membership registration is now open for Thais and all foreigners at all Thailand Post offices and easy2send agents. Members can perform cross border money transfers or cross border payments at over 10,000 payment outlets nationwide (123 agents). Recipients will receive money in their bank accounts, mobile wallets or cash at participating channels in the recipients’ countries, for example at Wing Money outlets in Cambodia and CB Bank branches in Myanmar.

Mr. Thein Zaw Tun (Don), Managing Director of CB Bank in Myanmar said, “Many Myanmar families in Thailand regularly send money to their relatives and loved ones. Through this initiative, we aim to facilitate a safe, secure and affordable money transfer channel for our customers. One of our goals is to enhance financial inclusion by bringing families into formal financial channelsservices so that they can send money directly to their bank accounts. We believe that this initiative can also promote savings and at the same time, they can enjoy higher interest rates as compared to Thailand. We are pleased to set up this partnership with 2C2P to ensure that families in Myanmar can receive money directly from Thailand”

Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw, CEO and Founder of KogoPAY group said, “Congratulations to 2C2P. We are delighted to be working with 2C2P at this important next stage of our development. KogoPay has been building experience in international payments in the UK since 2015. As a startup mobile payment company with licenses in the UK and Europe, our partnership with 2C2P will help us progress to the next level within the FinTech sector. 2C2P is a recognized FinTech specialist and has the expertise to add value to our business proposition. Our partnership with 2C2P will support us as we deliver a new digital platform and mobile wallet, for cross border payments between Europe and Asia.”

Mr. Liu YiFu, Chief Operating Officer of LitePay said, “As LitePay is a HongKong money service operator (MSO), . Wwe are very excited about this partnership with 2C2P. We hope that this will further strengthen the capacity of cross border payment service to another level.”

Mr. Chhun Vattanak Phakdey, Chief Corporate Business Officer of Wing, asserted that through “easy2send”, “Cambodian workers in Thailand would be served with a fast, convenient and assured service. Through this initiative, our Wing’s agents are now ready to serve beneficiaries in Cambodia for their cash-out requirement at all 6,000+ Wing agents across the country.”

About easy2send
easy2send is a remittance service from 2C2P as licensed by the Central Bank of Thailand (BOT). It allows user to perform cross border money transfers or cross border payments, from Thailand to any country, or from any country to Thailand. easy2send offers a faster, more affordable, secure, and convenient alternative to traditional remittance services. Users can pay at more than 10,000 payment locations in Thailand, while receivers will be able to enjoy almost real time receipt of money, or no later than the next working day depending on the country. easy2send service is available to the public from August 2019.

Source: 2c2p

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