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Dubai Hosts Top Business Leaders Exploring Metaverse Ideas in Third TechKogo Forum

On Monday 6th February, KogoPAY held its third TechKogo Forum in Dubai this time on the theme “Enterprise Metaverse – Enabling Business Growth Opportunities”.

Held at the One & Only Royal Mirage, KogoPAY worked with The Artpreneuers to organise the event with other key partners supporting, namely MQDC and one of its subsidiaries The Estate (Thailand) Co. Ltd. which are part of a premium global real estate group of companies headquartered in Thailand.

A glittering array of speakers included royal family private office members and diplomatic representatives from various countries, as well as tech CEOs, a charity boss and leading academics.

Attendees noted the success of a “first-class event” where the audience was packed all day with eminent figures from the Web3 and adjacent business spaces.

Among the keynote speakers were Mr. Adnan Al Noorani, the Founder of Future Innovation Summit, Chairman of the Board of D1 Technologies & LEO Investments, Mr. Pekka Kelkka of True Advantage Consulting, Dr. Karndee Leopairote, Executive Vice President of FutureTales Lab and Mr.Gustavo A. Montero, Founder/Chairman at Carter Capital.

Meanwhile speakers such as Mr. Parut Penpayp, Project Director of the MQDC metaverse, explored the hybrid world made possible by “the internet of place” and realised by a metaverse reality. Executive Vice President of FutureTales Lab took to the stage later in the day to elucidate to the audience how the metaverse future could impact our society in the real-world, while Dr. Natenapis Sookbang-Naidoo, President of the MQDC subsidiary, The Estate, received positive feedback to his presentation on the projects of MQDC and the Forestias project in Bangkok.

MQDC’s founder is Mrs Thippaporn (Chearavanont) Ahriyararomp, whose business interests are now turning to the conceptual metaverse as a means to unlock further growth in the traditional real estate industry. Thippaporn Ahriyavaromp notably made it to the ‘Heroes of Philanthropy’ list by Forbes Asia, meshing well with the socially conscious mission statement of KogoPAY and the “Tech World of Good” initiative of TechKogo with it being a non-profit event designed to accelerate tech adoption while uniting, educating and inspiring companies, professionals, creators and innovators to commit to endeavours for social good.

Metaverse platforms are lauded for the potential to transform the touchpoints for customers interacting with companies and revolutionise buying journey norms with entirely new experiences and ways of relaying information.

KogoPAY founder & CEO, Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw, said: “Our first two TechKogo Forums focused heavily on blockchain and financial inclusion, and how we can use fintech to empower all sections of society across the world and bring them into the global financial system. While TechKogo 3 saw these topics touched upon, the main thrust was to narrow the focus to the potential of new technologies such as the metaverse to unleash tremendous growth in traditional businesses.

“A special thanks for the phenonmenal support from our partners, MQDC and The Estate (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Our appreciation must also be extended to MQDC Metaverse, Infinyx and Future Lab speakers and advisors from Thailand and Singapore. I very much look forward to working closely with all of these entities in the near future.”

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