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Female Fintech Pioneer to Feature in Commemorative Album About King Charles Iii

A book commemorating King Charles’ coronation and 75th birthday, published by St James’s House and set to be published on His Majesty’s birthday on November 14, will include an interview with an award-winning businesswoman who is leading the fintech revolution.

Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw, the CEO & Founder of KogoPAY is a serial entrepreneur whose company cares about the planet and society as a whole and as such her inclusion is highly congruent with the book’s themes.

Titled “His Majesty at 75: The Leadership and Vision of King Charles III”, the book covers King Charles’ early years to his tireless work as the Prince of Wales, up to the coronation as king and has been written by the New York Times best-selling writer and royal biographer Robert Jobson and includes photos by legendary royal photographer Arthur Edwards MBE. While the book charts the ideas and issues championed by the monarch, as well as his approach to shaping the royal family in contemporary times, there is also coverage of achievement and progress across social, cultural, technological and commercial spheres.

Dr. Narisa is all too familiar with the merits of the UK’s world-leading institutions, particularly with regards to education, after obtaining a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 2003 she became a senior lecturer at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and then worked part time at LSE and King’s College.

Dr. Narisa said: “In my view, the monarchy represents the greatness of these noble isles, at the same time it contributes to public discourse on how we uphold our shared values and continue building for the future. King Charles has always been passionate about the natural world, and we need that more than ever, not just domestically but globally. I also believe he is placed to modernise the Royal Family so we can all be better prepared to face the challenges of 21st century life in the United Kingdom, as well as elsewhere in the world.”

These are self-evident ideals in the structure of KogoPAY, which is not just a payment platform but has developed an ecosystem to benefit all levels of society through features such as cheap and rapid global money transfer. Other uses include sending money quickly to friends and family, conducting business transactions seamlessly and negligible overheads on charity donations. With roughly 1.4 billion unbanked adults in the world, Dr. Narisa believes there is a considerable gap in the market for an inclusive ecosystem that puts social benefit first.

She continued: “It’s not about just helping those in my home country, Thailand, nor the United Kingdom which gave me the tools to succeed in my career. The mission is founded upon care for our global society with every fragment, each subset included. This of course includes taking care of our planet and finding sustainable solutions which still deliver tremendous economic benefit.”

To this end, KogoPAY recently partnered with a major Thai property developer group, MQDC, which is committed to sustainable development and its own ethos of “For All Well-Being” with regards to communities, societies, and all of the planet’s ecosystems.

“It’s a monumental honour to be selected for this publication that celebrates King Charles’ legacy and upcoming reign. I feel this is confirmation that the principles underlying my work in fintech are well-founded and can help deliver a brighter, better and more equitable nation as well as a fairer and more inclusive global society,” she concludes.

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