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KogoPAY Returns to Dubai to Host Another Ground-Breaking Tech Forum

A series of presentations at the event will expand upon how blockchain can deliver better outcomes for businesses of all sizes and, crucially, promote SMEs as highly valuable adopters.”

— Dr Narisa Chauvidul-Aw
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 13, 2022 / — KogoPAY will host its second TechKoGo Forum in Dubai when it returns to the Royal Mirage on 27th October under the banner “Re-inventing Business with Blockchain”.

TechKogo Forum was founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Dr Narisa Chauvidul-Aw, CEO of KogoPAY Group, a socially conscious Fintech company and Marlene Murphy, CEO of the Artepreneurs Group, a social enterprise creative agency to host a series of forums dedicated to business leaders, entrepreneurs and tech experts to discuss topics and share knowledge on the fast-evolving technology landscape.

The TechKoGo Forum will drive discussion on increasing trust and efficiency in the blockchain sphere across industries and around the world further unlocking great promise held in the novel technology by providing entrepreneurs, creators and investors with the knowledge to take action is a key goal of the event.

A significant focus therefore is educating the business community about blockchain in fintech as a catalyst for disruption in the finance world. KogoPAY espouses the belief that blockchain technology can be transformative in generating more revenue, improving the end-user experience and reducing risk in operations.

This event follows the first su0ccessful TechKoGo Forum on the theme of “Technology as an Enabler for Financial Inclusion” which took place on 28th June in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and featured leading experts from the Fintech industry and academics.

KogoPAY will also celebrate its newly registered company in the UAE, named Kogo Global Technology, designed to give the parent firm a stronghold to bolster ties with members of the Gulf Cooperation Council who are similarly focused on adopting innovative technologies to unlock rapid growth.

TechKogo already enjoys the patronage of Awad Mohammed Sheikh Bin Murjeen of Dubai and can expect the presence of two esteemed Sheikhs at the event. Decision makers and business leaders from respected projects already established in the blockchain space are expected, alongside innovators looking to utilise the nascent technology in their own processes.

Dr Narisa Chauvidul-Aw, the driving force behind the TechKoGo Forum and the founder of KogoPAY, works to confound expectations through not only her own success story, but by creating a company which gives back to communities as much as it profits.

KogoPAY has set out a mission so far to break down boundaries and create seamless methods of transacting across borders at pace and with minimal fees. A series of presentations at the event will expand upon how blockchain can deliver better outcomes for businesses of all sizes and, crucially, promote SMEs as highly valuable adopters.

The firm already has a licence to allow app users to conduct QR code payments via a mobile e-wallet in the UK and Europe in a move to replicate the massive success of such systems across Asia.

This focus on near-borderless digital infrastructure for payments could be a boon for businesses; not only will customers have access to the same payment app thereby increasing the reach of the business, but accounting and cheaper transactions will be available on a one-stop platform designed to encourage growth.

KogoPAY also emphasises social impact and has an industry leading ‘Pay it Forward’ feature on its app to encourage users to commit to small acts of charity where they can.

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