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Kindness Hardwired – How Philanthropy is Part of Our DNA

When I first started developing the idea for an easier, friendlier payments system, I knew from the get-go that KogoPAY should be inclusive and philanthropic.


Fintechs are rewriting the story of payments and banking in so many ways. KogoPAY’s unique role in the Fintech story is to facilitate payments and simple money management for everyone. We’re about universal access to payment services, both nationally and internationally, about sending money home, running a small business and keeping control of your finances.

Some 1.7 billion adults worldwide still don’t have access to a bank account, according to data released by the World Bank

According to data released by the World Bank 1.7 billions adults worldwide still don’t have access to a bank account. The ‘unbanked’ can be on a low income but can also be those who move between countries as migrant workers or have a poor credit history. The inability to obtain a bank account creates more problems and exposes people to debt and risky transactions. Sadly, these individuals are those most in need of secure money transfers – often they are sending money home to feed their families!

For this reason, I wanted KogoPAY to be more than a conventional business turning a profit. Our success must be inclusive, and we must help people along the way.

We are focused on using our innovative technology to empower and help others, both through the services that we provide such as international payments and our data analytics that help our customers manage their money. AI and data analytics can also be invaluable in helping governments understand the homeless problem and find different ways to offer support.

Our plans include using QR code payments – already popular in Asia – to help small businesses take payment on-the-go. Imagine visiting a market stall where you can pay simply by holding the KogoPAY app against the vendor’s QR code sign. How convenient for the vendor to be able to easily see all the transactions they have made at the end of the day!

QR code payments work brilliantly for charity collectors and charities selling goods on the street. A simple QR code sign on a card, sandwich board or T-Shirt is all that we need to process payment from the customer’s phone. QR codes will be an excellent way to provide food, drinks and other items to homeless people in hostels and local cafes, either as part of their benefit or within a ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme. It would be easy for companies to incentivise their staff by giving them ‘Pay it Forward’ points as part of their bonus scheme.

Our ideas for KogoPAY are constantly evolving and our philanthropic ethos is at the heart of our operations. We welcome new ideas to make KogoPAY better for everyone, especially those in need. Let’s create KogoPAY- More than Just Payment ecosystem & Pay it Forward together !!

Author: Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw

Source: Linkedin

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