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KogoPAY Making Thai Travel a Breeze

My home country of Thailand is one of the most beautiful and friendly countries in the world.

OK, I’m biased. But it’s true that every year approximately one million British citizens travel to Thailand in search of mesmerising Eastern culture, delicious food, incredible landscapes and very friendly people. Thailand is one of the top three destinations for holidays for British people – and very popular with other nationalities too.

I find it intriguing that Asia is so forward-looking in its appreciation of digital payments. Across Asia, it is easy to pay for all sorts of goods and services simply by putting your phone in front of a QR code. It takes the hassle out of paying for goods in markets, shops and even in restaurants.

At my company KogoPAY, we believe that paying for goods and services should be quick, easy and secure. It shouldn’t be necessary to carry cash and it shouldn’t cost a lot to make payments abroad from your local bank account. We’re developing the KogoPAY app which will launch in January and make it simple to pay others using just your phone.

With KogoPAY, you will be able to make free wallet-to-wallet transfers in the same currency and our currency charges will be competitive. Of course, we’re also introducing QR code payments and will be encouraging vendors in Thailand, the UK and beyond to try out this new, easy way to pay.

Imagine how easy it will be to travel Thailand with the KogoPAY app in your pocket. There would be no need to carry cash and you could top up your balance with a low-cost currency transfer from home.

We’ll also be issuing a contactless prepaid Mastercard offering discounts with vendors right across Thailand. Using the KogoPAY app, it will be possible to exchange your pounds or Euros into Thai Baht and then top up your prepaid Mastercard. It’s such a secure way of controlling spending and protecting your assets.

Travelling to Thailand is always a pleasure and now it will be simpler and more secure. With the KogoPAY app, you’ll have more time to enjoy the sights and sounds of an incredible country.

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Author: Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw

Source: Linkedin

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